Wednesday, 29 March 2006

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Amiga game remakes revisited

Just before Christmas I decided I'd have a dabble at dredging the net for Amiga game flash remakes (now incorporated into the database below) and blog my haul for your delight and delectation. In the process I came across a swamp load (not to be derogatory you understand; I've chosen my metaphor and I'm going to stick with it) of more traditional, standalone clones for various platforms and felt it would be a shame to toss them back overboard (I wasn't kidding) on the grounds that they weren't Flash movies.

My latest compilation is a medley of pixel for pixel revivals/ports, Amiga-game-inspired homages and official revamps. Many are 100% complete projects, others are designated 'work in progress', while several sadly seem to have been abandoned. I haven't discriminated against commercial games so amongst the freeware you will find links to shareware and retail software. Any games falling into the latter categories have been identified as such so they're easier to avoid if you're skint (or against developers profiting from derivative works).

Your feedback on this one would be greatly appreciated so I can add to the list and correct any goofs I might have made.


This blog entry featured in the May 2006 edition of Retro Gaming Radio (1 hour 26 minutes into the show). Thanks for the plug Shane. :)


Oligard said...

Hi, nice blog and impressive list of Amiga Game Remakes. :D

Concerning the Wings of Death remake, it will run on Windows.

dreamkatcha said...

Thanks for the info and feedback. I've updated the post. :)

Oligard said...

I'll give you the link to the official page in a few days when the title of the remake will have been decided... ;)

For the moment, there is no more info about it on my site.

dreamkatcha said...

Oh, you're the developer. Well congratulations on your upcoming release. WoD isn't a game I'm familar with, but it's great to meet people who are prepared to go to such lengths to keep the Amiga spirit alive all the same.

Thanks again for the updates. They're very informative seeing as I can barely read a word of French.

Rob Farley said...

Nice to see people actually visiting my little site!

I think I need to update Jump Around so it's not connecting to the internet all the time.

Good to see I'm not the only one making half arsed attempts are remakes though!

Oligard said...

Hi Dreamkatcha,

The official Wings Of Death remake name is now Blazing Wings and the official site is :

(Sorry, french only for the moment, but I'll make an effort in the future to translate all the stuff)


dreamkatcha said...

Sounds good, I like it. It's coming along very nicely judging by the screen shot.

Glad to be of service Rob.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to our remake of Millennium 2.2 ... We hope everyone enjoys playing this classic.


Anonymous said...

As usual, you're not lazy on the mouse. ;) Would need a whole year off to play around with your list, but it's fun to know there's some amusement waiting here should a bunch of free time was to fall in my lap. Thanks! :)

David DVTSoft said...


I´m the "MORE Cannon Fodder" and "Kill or Cry" programmer. I changed the game host. Now it´s on

Can you change?

dreamkatcha said...

My pleasure. Thanks for keeping me informed. :)

Anonymous said...


good investigate work ;)

another "Marble Madness" remake :

Anonymous said...

zarathrusta was released on mobile phones as a game called pod

dreamkatcha said...

Thanks. I did have Neverball listed under the Marble Madness heading at one point, but removed it after being informed by Kodoichi from the EAB that it's nothing like it aside from the fact that you play a ball.

Having never played it I'm not in a position to argue.

Thanks for the addition. I can't seem to find much relating to Pod, but I'll add it to the database as a 'skeleton' record and keep searching.

Anonymous said...

It's a very comprehensive list...
... but some of them are not Amiga remakes, just remakes of arcade games or PC/console titles. And one or two bare little resemblance to the games they are meant to be based on.

But by and large, a great list, and a lot of work has gone into it!

flak\ª said...

hello me pasho q andes good we bye

Gaelion said...

Great list! Thanks a lot for puting together s nice compilation!

Kroah said...

I've done a windows remake of "Colonial Conquest" called CoCoNet. It was a well-known turn-based strategy game released on Atari ST, XL and C64.
The remake features simultaneous multiplayer game on LAN or Internet versus human players or computers.
AI, gfx and rules are based on my reverse engineering work of the Atari ST and 800XL version.
The game is freeware and needs .NET framework 3.5.
Can you add it to your list?
Thank you

dreamkatcha said...

No problem, I've taken care of that. Thanks for keeping the oldies alive.

Gaelion said...

Awesome compilation! Thanks for mantaining such a great resource!

The link to kick off 2 remake World of football points to a non-existant page.


dreamkatcha said...

Thanks for letting me know, I've fixed the link. It turns out that the original developers canceled the project, but it's now been resuscitated by a new team.

Anonymous said...

Awesome and very useful database.
I regularly browse it since ages.
So I guess it's time for a big thank you. :)
Mind, I guess you should complete the "Last Modified Time" select options (imo it's an easy way to browse games and get some fresh news).
Thx again!

dreamkatcha said...

Hi SN,

Thanks! Nice to know people are still finding this useful after all this time, and it's not just for my own amusement.

Ah yes, good suggestion. I can see how that would help so you don't have to trawl through the whole thing on every visit. The feature has been enabled now. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

How to access the database as before?
Seems an account is needed now.


dreamkatcha said...


Maybe this is a new Zoho policy because I've definitely not changed anything at my end. I hate forced registrations, and preferred the open access arrangement we had before. I'll look into it though.

dreamkatcha said...

I've been working with Zoho to try to fix this. If I logout and refresh the page, the database is still accessible as intended. Is it the same for you?

Anonymous said...

It works!
Many thx!
Take care!