Saturday, 14 May 2005

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Welcome to my world

OK I confess, Kookosity is yet another blog. No wait, don't switch off just yet! It's a blog with a difference... a blog with a real purpose. Novel, eh? ;) Aside from being outrageously witty and irreverent (no really, honest) I'll be employing my pet project as a vehicle to impart all manner of (hopefully educational) computer-oriented sorcery. It will feature a myriad of tangential flummery - everything from retro gaming to movie and music playback, web design and computer building - dished up in the guise of tutorials, FAQs and opinion-based articles.

From time to time you'll catch me clambering aboard my well-worn soapbox to rant about the mess our esteemed leaders are making of planet earth and the lives of its inhabitants. Thrown into the mix for good measure will be a selection of random, waffle-laden musings, web site recommendations and other miscellany.

While anything goes, you'll never read about what I ate for breakfast, the current mood of my iguana/cat/dog/stick insect/whatever, or how long it took me to get to work on any given day... sorry. I believe in posting only when I've got something useful or at least vaguely entertaining/interesting to say so don't expect daily updates... hang on a minute, if anyone else said that to me I'd take it as an insult. :D

I'm not new to writing for the web - I've been doing so since 1999 - though have never blogged before. I've got a tonne of material I want to re-work and re-publish as it's no longer available anywhere else online. Some of this is 'time sensitive' so I'll have to backdate it to set it in its proper context. The rest I will post tagged with the current date as and when I get round to re-formatting it. Just so you know, if you get the impression you've read some of my ramblings before, it's likely because you've read some of my ramblings before.

In case anyone is curious about the origin of my blog's title, let me clarify. You know that character from the British TV comedy sketch programme, The Fast Show, called Colin Hunt played by Charlie Higson? The one who was always doing and saying really random, zany things to try to convince people he has a more interesting personality than reality would otherwise suggest. To hammer the point home he would often blurt out, "I'm crazy I am" while treating his onlookers to an open-mouthed, wide-eyed, showbiz double-handed wave. Are you with me?

Well that has nothing at all to do with it. 'Kookos' means coconut in Japanese. To introduce the tutorials section of my former web site I concocted this patronising, meandering 'internet-as-coconut' metaphor (it's full of untapped bounty, you need the right tools to crack it open and so on - in my defence it was meant to be tongue in cheek). Despite the corniness, the goal was (and still is) to provide information to help people get the most out of the net. I suppose adding the -ity part alludes to an object or concept possessing the essence of coconutness... or something like that. I'm sorry I started this now.


Anonymous said...

Quote: "if you get the impression you've read some of my ramblings before, it's likely because you've read some of my ramblings before"

I thought I heard an echo....

dreamkatcha said...

Oi! Don't go giving away my secret identity. Your taxes paid for my witness protection and plastic surgery after all. :p

Unknown said...

When I'm bored you always come to the rescue. Not that you're boring ...uh, oh, never mind. Just reminiscing a bit.

dreamkatcha said...

Hey, good to see another familiar name. :)

Nice of you to say so, though you must be feeling very deprived if you look to me for entertainment - I haven't posted for ages. I really must change that.

Unknown said...

Well, you responded so that means you're still alive and well OR (gasp) that someone is impersonating you. lol.