Sunday, 30 July 2000

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What is the c2d format?

The c2d format was originally devised by Cequadrat and is designed to be used with their homegrown CD writing application, WinOnCD. However, this is a very bulky and unnecessary download if you only wish to use it to burn one image file.

Instead, you might like to try ISO Buster - a mere one meg download and free to boot. As well as offering support for WinOnCD file types, ISO Buster can handle Nero, Clone CD, Blind Read and Easy CD Creator formats without breaking into a sweat, so is a good all-round burning program to add to your collection.

Sunday, 9 July 2000


One search engine or ten? Why settle for half measures?

When searching for software, clip art, MP3s, or anything for that matter, use a 'meta' search engine. Meta search engines take a query and submit it to a multitude of diverse search engines simultaneously, amalgamate the results and then present them to you in a logical, standardised format.

A single search engine cannot possibly index everything the web has to offer and as a result they miss many relevant hits. Because meta search engines have access to the leading search engines they are able to offer much more comprehensive results than any single search engine.

The number of search engines utilised by meta search engines varies considerably, but obviously try to find one which searches the highest number of portals and will therefore harvest the most results. Metacrawler crawls metas like no other if you're open to suggestions.