Thursday, 10 March 2011

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Migraine aura

I'm so grateful to ABC News for screening Grammy Award reporter Serene Branson's on-air 'stroke' episode because now the condition I've been suffering from for the last 13 years has spontaneously become real. Before now I must have been delusional.

As news correspondent David Wright says in the clip, that's the "medical mystery solved and a happy ending for this news reporter". That's that done and dusted then. It was 'just' a migraine and she can get on with leading a normal life. No doubt she'll have to pop a magic pill from time to time to make the woozy hurties go away, but since knowledge of the condition is so advanced it will be just a minor inconvenience.

If anyone knows on which planet this fairytale idyll can be found I'll be waiting with my bags packed.