Saturday, November 20, 1999

How do I set multiple download locations in Getright/Gozilla/Flashget?

Saturday, November 20, 1999

Configuring your downloads in such a way ensures that if one set of links goes dead, you still have a second, third, fourth and so on, chance of downloading the same files from a different server.

In Getright all you have to do is drag the second set of files into your download status window and choose to save them in the same folder as your first set. Whenever you do this, a prompt window will appear to offer you the option to add the new location as a secondary link. Just accept the kind offer and click on the OK button.

In Gozilla, click on the second set of files one by one, and in each case select the 'add mirror' option.

Finally, in Flashget you are simply required to click on each alternative download link to add it to the list of possible sources.


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