Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Why when I post a message on some bulletin boards do they not show up straight away?

Wednesday, November 15, 2000

This happens because your browser is not set to automatically refresh the page after you post. When you are returned to the forum index you are presented with an old version of the page which has been retrieved from your internet cache (the area of your hard drive web pages are downloaded to) rather than the web server.

To check that your posts have been added successfully, you can hit the 'refresh' button or press the F5 key, yet to make sure that you are always viewing the newest versions of web pages in future, you will have to change the settings of your browser. This way, pressing the refresh button manually will not be necessary. Here's the procedure: select 'internet options' from the 'tools' menu of your browser and prod the 'general' tab. Now click on the 'settings' button in the 'temporary internet files' section, and finally make sure that the 'every visit to the page' option is checked within the 'check for newer versions of stored pages' area.


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