Friday, October 10, 2003

My movie is too large to fit on a CD-R. Is it possible to chop it up and put it on two CD-Rs?

Friday, October 10, 2003

You can do this using Virtual Dub's 'save segmented AVI' option, but this is very slow because you have to recompress the file using the full processing mode for both video and audio streams. If you only want to cut the movie in two then it would be much faster to do it manually using the techniques described in my blog entry entitled, "How do I delete frames from a movie?"

What you need to do is open the file you wish to cut in half and place a marker at the point you would like to make the incision remembering to note down the frame number displayed in the status bar. Now move the slider to the final frame of the movie and place the end marker. Delete this part of the movie and save the remaining frames as name-of-movie part 1.

The second stage requires you to open the original file and repeat the process to highlight and delete the first half of the movie and save the remaining frames. To make the split perfectly precise use the 'go to' option situated in the 'edit' menu and type in the number of the frame at which you cut the file in the first stage described above. You can name this segment name-of-movie part 2 and proceed to burn the AVI files to separate CD-Rs.


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