Friday, July 15, 2011

A monkey in sheep's clothing

Friday, July 15, 2011
Have you ever wondered how Monkey Island II might have looked if Bill Tiller - Curse of Monkey Island's lead background artist - had been let loose with a paintbrush six years earlier?

A heck of a lot like this imagines 21 year old web developer, Jennifer Gleu from Hanover, Germany.

In cahoots with a handful of volunteer programmers and story-writers, Jennifer, or BlackBat as she's known on the Point & Click Dev Kit forums, aspired to create a kind of up-styled Monkey Island II renaissance, for no loftier a reason than her own amusement. Regrettably, however, the project has been shelved to free her to collaborate with a small team of developers from the Telltale Games forum who are currently working on their own Monkey Island inspired fan game. 'Carnival of Monkey Island' will be released as an episodic 'what if?' scenario sandwiched between the events of 'Curse' and 'Revenge'.

Nevertheless, you can feast your eyes on more breathtaking stills of the envisioned Monkey Island II/III mash-up here and once again ponder how much wood a woodchuck could potentially chuck, assuming a woodchuck could, should and would chuck wood.


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