Thursday, February 16, 2012


Guru meditating once again on Mac and Linux

Behold privileged readers! This is our first glimpse at FS-UAE, a brand-spanking-new, shiny Amiga emulator for Mac, Linux and the other one, Win-something-or-other.

It's built on the foundations of WinUAE 2.4.0, lavishing oft-neglected users of non-Windows based systems the opportunity to enjoy the more advanced features boasted by the front-runner in the Amiga emulator race.

The eponymous developer, Frode Solheim, aims to create a sleek, idiot-proof GUI moulded primarily to run on home theatre PCs or gaming cabinets with nothing more sophisticated than a joypad to swap disks, save game states and so on. His focus will be on launching the classic games we all know and love with the minimum of fuss, or the de rigueur tweaking traditionally synonymous with Amiga emulation.