Monday, February 07, 2000

Fontastic organization

Monday, February 07, 2000

Pssst, come a bit closer to the screen. I want to tell you a secret which will change your life forever. You need Font Lister. Yes you do, trust me, I know best. If you've ever dabbled in a spot of web or graphic design you will recognize the importance of having a good selection of fonts at your disposal. When I say 'good selection', I mean literally hundreds of the little critters, but how do you scan through them all quickly when only one particular font will do and you can't remember which name refers to which font?

If you're a bit of a masochist you could open the directory where you've chosen to store them and double-click on the first font to see what it looks like, close Window's built-in font viewer then proceed to the next font and trudge through your collection looking at each one individually. Although that sounds extremely tempting, a much quicker way to find the perfect font for your project would be to install Font Lister.

If you open the program, select 'view' from the menu and then click on 'fonts in a folder', a preview sample of every single font in your chosen location will be a mere click of the mouse away. You can even choose to install or uninstall a selection of fonts simultaneously without having to tamper with your Windows fonts directory. Nifty eh!


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