Wednesday, February 09, 2000

What is an SFV file?

Wednesday, February 09, 2000

SFV stands for simple file verification. SFV files can be opened in any text editor and serve to verify the CRC status of a set of compressed files to ensure that the files you have on your hard drive are identical to the ones that were originally uploaded. Apparently, if you want to do it "the sexy way" you can use Hoopy's PD SFV (I don't know, I didn't write it).

Not only will this utility enable you to open your existing SFV files to verify that your archives are corruption free, it will also allow you to create new ones for your own DIY archives.

If, like Right Said Fred (just be grateful you don't know what I'm talking about), you're already too sexy, try one of these instead: Flash SFV, Easy SFV Creator, HKSFV, MooSFV.


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