Monday, November 17, 2003

The future's bright, the future's... the past?

Monday, November 17, 2003

Two of my most enduring passions are radio and classic gaming, so imagine my elation upon discovering that the two had been married together in the form of Lovingly crafted by the entertainingly opinionated Shane R. Monroe, the show has been 'on air' since 1998 and is broadcast at monthly intervals. Weaved into the proceedings are retro hardware and software reviews, emulation news, IT fueled rants and interviews with the people who helped to sculpt the modern gaming industry we all know and l... well let's quit while we're ahead shall we? ;) Since their inception the shows have consistently been growing lengthier - so much so that the latest edition clocks in at a whopping three hours! Each of these presentations are accessible over the internet for a limited time before being archived and made available for purchase on a series of CDs. As they are encoded using the highly versatile MP3 format, you are free to choose between downloading the complete files to be sampled offline at your convenience, or listening to them there and then as they are streamed over the web.

Computer games, past and present, receive so little coverage on mainstream TV and radio stations here in the UK so it's really refreshing to see this arm of the entertainment industry getting the attention it deserves via alternative mediums. Of special interest to die-hard Amigans this month is the commencement of a new series of Amiga segments which will focus on the history, hardware, emulation, games and demos of this seminal platform. If you want to skip straight to it you can slide Winamp's 'seeking bar' to 127 minutes, 16 seconds.

Shane, not only do you passionately speak your mind unswayed by the media hypeobabble associated with modern gaming, you're the only person I know over the age of 15 who can impart the idioms, "that game so owns", "x requires tons of leet skillz" and "I'm a slut-pig-whore for genre x", and mean them in all seriousness... and for that, sir, I salute you. Actually, that's a lie. Stop it, it's irritating! By copying immature, brainless, hacker-wannabe school kiddies, future generations of brainless, immature, hacker-wannabe school kiddies will copy you copying them and soon enough we'll have leet hacker freaks running amok and irritating people who know how to use the English language. :p That minor quibble aside, great show! Keep the retro flag flying!

I'm your host and you've been listening to Kookosity Radio. That was me being a DJ. Nice touch, huh? I'll get my coat *hangs head*


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