Friday, May 21, 2004

Hash off the menu for Share Reactor refugees

Friday, May 21, 2004

Being hauled over the coals for donkey taming hasn't deterred Simon Moon from starting afresh. In the midst of the investigation by Swiss anti-piracy authorities into his possibly-maybe-probably illegal activities, his new forum-focused tribute to file swapping went live earlier this month.

Simon is eager to reunite his dispersed legion of followers, however, has prudently insisted that people refrain from posting file hash links. He did state in a previous interview that if judges deemed Share Reactor to be operating within the boundaries of the law, the site would be restored to its former glory, though the chances of corporate media movers and shakers giving the green light to piracy are slim at best.

Indubitably the honey in Share Reactor's pot was its vast database of links to all manner of forbidden digital delights. When a web site's principal allure is stripped away it's not easy to maintain its popularity. We'll soon see if Simon is able to overcome this hurdle and transform Respect P2P into the kind of bustling community that Share Reactor once was.


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