Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The Christian crusade rumbles on

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

We've invaded and taken root in Iraq, unceremoniously slaughtered thousands of civilians (the decimation of a wedding party being a particularly illustrative example), destroyed homes and livelihoods, systematically raped, humiliated and otherwise physically and psychologically abused innocent bystanders and indiscriminately unleashed banned weapons of mass destruction including napalm. Let's think, what else can we do to destabilize the Middle East and further jeopardize the security of the world populous? I know; why don't we send in hordes of bigoted Christian evangelists to proselytize the already traumatized survivors of Bush's phoney war? They could storm the 97% Muslim country armed with their bibles and denounce Islam as a "wicked and violent" false religion and brand the prophet Mohammed a "demon-obsessed paedophile". That ought to do it!

Oh wait, they really have thought of everything. This is precisely what the US have been doing from the very start, though just recently they decided to put the pedal to the metal and accelerate the process because come June 30th, the official hand-over of 'sovereignty' date, they may be prohibited from indoctrinating their captive audience. What better time to trample on the already ravaged hornet's nest? If we wanted to sabotage the operation, I couldn't think of a more efficient way of going about it. Anyone would think they've spent too many late nights playing Microsoft's Age of Empires, a real-time strategy game which enables you to recruit priests and command them to convert enemy units in a heartbeat. These reprogrammed foes swell the ranks of the 'good guys' and can then be directed to turn against their ex-allies annihilating them by whatever means. These drone-like soul-savers must really think it's that easy to instantaneously overturn the deep-rooted core beliefs of their targets. I don't suppose they've stopped for a second to consider how they would respond to similar efforts to derail their faith if the shoe were on the other foot. Christians are right and Muslims are foolishly deluding themselves. End of story.

Demonstrating the extent of this fiasco, executive administrator of the National Association of Evangelicals, Kyle Fisk, recently boasted, "Iraq will become the center for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to Iran, Libya, throughout the Middle East". Fisk and his tribe of blinkered cronies plan to adopt Iraq using it as a base of operations to mobilize Bush's desire to 'spread democracy' to Iraq and neighbouring countries through unabashed brainwashing.

Tom Craig, another imbecilic American missionary commented, "God and the president have given us an opportunity to bring Jesus Christ to the Middle East. This is my commandment. No amount of danger will stop me". Richard D. Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, topped that by declaring, "It is every Christian's requirement to share Jesus Christ's gospel with everyone on the planet, including every Muslim. If that causes anger and violence, it only shows we must speak more loudly."

Yes, these professional proselytizers are providing crucial food and medical supplies, but packaged with these bribes are 900,000 bibles translated into Arabic. They're like paedophiles that lure the young and vulnerable into their dens by plying them with sweets and offering to show them their fluffy pets. Doesn't all this precisely illustrate Bin Laden's point, that this so-called 'war on terror' was, from the outset, a campaign to supplant Islam with Christianity?

As is now customary, Bush has avoided taking responsibility for the insurgence of missionaries hell-bent on teaching Muslims the error of their ways and continues to allow them to enter the country. While he doesn't officially endorse their activities since that would constitute playing directly into the hands of his critics, he has claimed on numerous occasions that his divine connection to God influenced his decision to invade Iraq and 'liberate' its inhabitants. This has given the green light to sycophantic fundamentalist Christians who are desperate to do his bidding. If God wants Bush to be president and is pulling the strings of this carefully selected spiritual vessel to accomplish his goals, who on earth is going to argue with Georgykins? This is unmistakably a forerunner of the "you're either with us or against us" manoeuvre. If you criticise or deviate from Bush's agenda, you're demonstrating your contempt for the mighty one in the sky and his omniscient wishes. Considering the majority of the American population are devout believers, is it really so astonishing that Bush suddenly decided one day to become a born again Christian just as his political career was gaining momentum? Just another coincidence I'm sure.


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