Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The masses: 1, M$: 0

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

As old Bill's ever expanding empire continues to monopolize the computer world, more and more people are making it their crusade in life to avoid at all costs anything associated with The Evil Empire AKA Microsoft. The boldest statement you can make is obviously to ditch your Windows operating system entirely and instead opt for a Linux, Free BSD or Mac alternative, but that's a huge first step and one which shouldn't be rushed into.

While it's not my intention to return to alternative web browsers in this entry (Opera and Firefox have been covered elsewhere), a much less drastic option would be to ditch Internet Explorer. Instead, this time I want to steer you away from Outlook Express, Window's default, embedded email client. Many people haven't even considered that there may be other options where email clients are concerned, but let me tell you, this isn't a one horse race despite what Mr. Gates would have you believe.

This is where Thunderbird steps into the breach to dispel the myths. As Thunderbird is much more svelte than Outlook, it uses fewer system resources and performs better. Furthermore, it handles your email accounts and contacts in a more logical fashion, is more stable and secure, free and open source and is completely standalone. By ditching Outlook Express in favour of Thunderbird you will be equipped with a higher calibre email client and be one step further away from the clutches of the tyrannical Evil Empire Inc.


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