Monday, July 11, 2005

Allah must be very proud

Monday, July 11, 2005

Payback for supporting Bush's Middle Eastern tantrums struck Londoners with full force on Thursday 7th July. As a reward, sooner or later, the callous, murdering filth who perpetrated this act of vengeance will of course be sauntering off on their summer hols; awaiting them in Jannah are 72 Houri. What planet are these brainwashed dullards living on? If the Quran also taught that Santa Claus is real and will bring you a stocking full of presents if you be a good boy/girl all year, I expect we'd see full-grown, Muslim adults posting their wish lists to the North Pole at Christmas and waiting with trepidation for the big red dude to put in an appearance. News flash: when you kick the bucket, if you haven't already blown yourself to smithereens, you're going to end up as worm fodder just like the rest of us. Sane people have to face reality and deal with it, so why shouldn't you?

In the region of 75 innocent people have perished and a further 700 have been maimed, but not to worry - Tony Blair and the queen have declared that the terrorists will not get the better of us - they won't change "our way of life". Well that's a relief! I'm so glad queenie and Ant won't be deterred from using public transport to travel between their assorted, fortified palaces and whatnot. They're an inspiration to us all.

That's not the only thing that put my nose out of joint this week. Considering we're supposedly now America's bestest buddy I was aghast at the American media's reaction to the bombings. Many TV stations reluctantly and cursorily covered the London bombings and then desperately scrambled around for a way to divert the focus to what wasn't happening in New York. The governor and mayor of New York hastily organised a press conference to urge the people of their 'great' city (incidentally whose emergency services are the 'greatest in the world') not to panic faced with the prospect of a terrorist attack taking place in an entirely different country 5000 miles away! For crying out loud, people in London were running around like headless chickens with half their faces blown away, yet CNN were showing coverage of some self-obsessed suits in New York yammering away about how wonderful their capital city is and whether or not its inhabitants are feeling anxious about riding on the local subway system. This wasn't several days after the event, it was segwayed into the breaking news broadcast! Unbelievable!

People on both sides of the Atlantic are predictably clambering to bomb the terrorists without knowing who they are or where they're based - as long as they're brown and bearded they're fair game. Interestingly their blood-lust wanes when you point out that vast numbers of Muslims are living on their doorsteps and would need to be obliterated too if we're to conduct a thorough clean-up of the 'evil-doers'.


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