Monday, July 04, 2005

Disable unnecessary Windows services and speed up your system

Monday, July 04, 2005

To keep Windows slaves - hardcore, geek power users and fledgling AOL-ers alike - happy, Microsoft enable well over 100 background services by default in each fresh installation of their operating system. The majority of home users will see no benefit from processes which cater for corporate environments, web server administrators and so on, yet these processes continue to covertly drain their system resources.

Disabling them is easy enough - typing 'services.msc' into the 'run' box and haphazardly hacking and slashing them out of existence will do the trick... assuming maintaining a functional system isn't at the top of your agenda! The problem is that it's not immediately obvious which services perform which tasks, if those tasks are fulfilling a real need for you personally and if it's safe to disable them. Since Microsoft's descriptions are woolly and unhelpful at best you will need to look elsewhere for sound explanations and guidance.

Black Viper's services configuration guide plugs the gap very nicely. By following his advice you will finish up with a more secure and better performing system... or your money back!


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